Local 776 Newsletter

June 2021, Issue 186


Friday June 11th 2021

9:00 AM @ Casa Lu Al

Fraternal News

  • Congratulations:  Brandon Jacobs and Brett Schulte are scheduled to top out in June!

  • Welcome New Member: Austin Lucas and Joshua Peters were initiated in May.  If you are working with either Austin or Josh, please welcome them into our local!

  • Death Benefit: We are on Death Benefit #344 Newsam Julien. Death Benefits can be paid over the phone, in person or online at www.ualocal776.com.


Future Events to put on the Calendar

  • Golf Outing: Saturday June 12th 

  • Union Meeting: Wednesday June 16th, 2021 at 7pm

  • UA Weld Test: Saturday June 26th at 8 A.M.

Please call Melissa no later than noon the Thursday before to sign up and to check on the status of the test session.

  • Summer Picnic:  We were finally able to get in touch with Winona Lake for our summer picnic.  Once a date is finalized, we will send a flyer out to all members. 

  • Closing the Hall Early:  On Friday June 25th, the hall will be closing at noon for pest control.



  • School:  School is completed for the year.  If you have classes you would like to attend or would like to see added in the future, please call Jim.


Business Manager Comments     

With things starting to return to normal, there has been a large spike in depression and substance abuse across the country.  We have had a few meetings with our EAP (Employee Assistance Program) lately and it is amazing the amount of service they offer.  If you go to www.supportlinc.com and type in the username LOCAL776 you will be able to view all their services.  Anything from in-person therapy, over the phone and internet therapy, depression, they can help you find legal services in the area, and they can even find you the help you need if your bank account/credit card has been hacked.  You can also call 1-888-881-5462 and talk to a live person.  Most all of these listed services are free of charge!  Mental health is something that no one likes to talk about but should be on the front of everyone’s mind.  You never know what the person sitting next to you is going through in life.  We also have wallet cards here at the hall if you notice another member or family member in need and would to give them one.



Brad P. Wendel

Business Manager/ Financial Secretary - Treasurer


Navigating Anxiety


Big changes have always made Belle* nervous. However, these days even small things are causing her thoughts, as well as her heartbeat, to race. When her phone rings, Belle feels a strong sense of dread and the familiar ding of email notifications makes her entire body tense. Although there is no reason to expect bad news, she finds herself worrying about "what might happen" more and more. Belle is growing weary of these emotional burdens and wants to find help. *Name has been changed to protect privacy.


Anxiety is the body’s response to stress, creating feelings of fretfulness, nervousness or fear about the future. While it is normal to experience anxiety occasionally, when it begins to impact your life — such as your personal health, relationships or work — seeking treatment can provide relief.


As with most mental health concerns, it's best to work with a mental health professional and a primary care provider together. The combination of talk therapy and medication can help control anxiety that ramps up in specific situations as well as the kind that affects every day life. Many people are able to reduce or even eliminate symptoms in just a few months.

Connect Now


You, benefit-eligible family members and co-workers have access to the SupportLinc program for no-cost, confidential and immediate support. Reach a licensed clinician by phone at 1-888-881-LINC (5462) to address concerns such as depression, anxiety, stress, work-related pressures, relationship issues or substance abuse. A wide variety of additional resources are available on the SupportLinc web portal at www.supportlinc.com.

The One in Five Campaign

The One in Five Campaign focuses on normalizing the need for behavioral health resources and removing the barriers for those who want to access care. Opening up the conversation regarding these significant - yet treatable - issues also opens the door to providing #supportnotstigma.


Follow us on Twitter @1in5info throughout the campaign!

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