Local 776 Newsletter

September 2021, Issue 188

Retiree Breakfast

The next retiree breakfast is scheduled for September 10th. 

The breakfast will be at Westgate Lanes beginning at 9 am.

Please note the change in locations from previous breakfasts.

Fraternal News

  • Congratulations:  Alex Casey is scheduled to top out in September!

  • Congratulations:  Rod Hughes on his retirement!

  • Welcome New Member: Nevin Sackinger was initiated in August.  If you are working with Nevin, please welcome him into our local!

  • Death Benefit: We are on Death Benefit #346 Randy Joe Dickerson.  Death Benefits can be paid over the phone, in person or online at www.ualocal776.com.


Future Events to put on the Calendar

  • Labor Day Parade:  The Labor Day parade is scheduled as normal for September 6th.  We will meet at the Northland shopping center at 8:15 to hand out shirts to everyone so we can line up by 8:45. Immediately following the parade there will be a cookout at the union hall with food and a bouncy house for the kids.  Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend both the parade and the cookout!

  • Union Meeting: Wednesday September 15th, 2021 at 7pm

  • UA Weld Test: Saturday September 25th at 8 A.M.

Please call Melissa no later than noon the Thursday before to sign up and to check on the status of the test session.



  • School:  The first night of school is scheduled for September 7th @ 6:00 PM.  Mark your calendars!

    • If you have certs that need to be updated or would like a certain certification class for this year and haven’t yet received a card in the mail, please reach out to Jim DeMoss.

    • Following are some of the upgrade and recert classes that are scheduled:


  • Backflow Recert                       9-7-2021

  • Medgas Recert                          9-8-2021

  • Medgas Class                            9-16-2021

  • Foreman Recert                        10-20-2021

  • Rigging Recert                          10-25-2021

  • Honeywell Flame Safeguards     10-20-2021


Business Manager Comments  

As previously mentioned, Cenovus has made it a site requirement for anyone entering the refinery to have a current DISA Background check, hair follicle, urinalysis, and breathalyzer.  We are now set up in the system to be able to send members out for these tests.  I have also been hearing that the chemical plants plan to follow this policy beginning the 1st of the year (2022).  If you plan to work at the chemical plant or refinery in the near future, these tests will be a requirement PROIR to walking in the gate.  I am currently working with the contractors to set up a clinic here at the union hall a couple of different evenings, but I am encouraging everyone to come in asap to take the test and be current in their system.  I will be sending out another letter to the membership in early September containing the details of the drug testing clinic.  In the event of an emergency at either site, we would not be able to staff these projects without a long delay in manpower due to waiting on test results.  By the time our tests come back we may not be awarded the work any longer.  This is just another way we can show our value to the customers why it is best to choose Union Labor! 

Our HVAC contractors are still busy and in need of some qualified help.  If you know of someone that is qualified or just has an interest in the field, please ask them to reach out to us or the contractors and fill out an application!



Brad P. Wendel

Business Manager/ Financial Secretary - Treasurer

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